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jorge tanja kleinLast Sunday (February 9th), Jorge Ataca and Tanja la Alemana visited the Netherlands for the Amsterdam Salsa Festival. We interviewed them in their hotel in Amsterdam, right before the premier of their new bachata show Odio. We also spoke with the third member of the Island Touch Team: El Tiguere del Mambo.

In this article you can find some general information about the Island Touch members. Butf if you want to know some more – like how they’ve met or details about their new show – check out our interview!

Jorge Ataca

Jorge Burgos was born on January 23rd 1985 in Puerto Rico. As a kid, he dreamt of becoming a famous baseball player. After high school, he received a small scholarship to study at Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida. In 2006, while still studying, Jorge first  came across Salsa when going clubbing in Tampa. He started taking lessons and after just eight months, he started teaching Salsa himself. After graduating from Saint Leo University with a degree in Business Management, Jorge had a decision to make: baseball or Salsa. Salsa it was. Although Jorge and his current partner Tanja first focussed on Salsa, they became famous as Bachata dansers when their show Te Extraño premiered in 2008.

Jorge’s favoriete snack is chocolade. En als hij een dier was, zou hij naar eigen zeggen een aap of een vogel zijn. Als hij één ding mee mocht nemen naar een onbewoond eiland, zou hij zijn telefoon meenemen.

Jorge’s favourite snack is chocolate. If he were an animal, he’d by a monkey or a bird and if he were allowed to bring one thing to a deserted island, he’d take his phone.

Tanja la Alemana

Tanja Kensinger was born March 22nd 1986 in Germany and moved to the US in 1996. Her nickname ‘La Alemana’ is Spanish for ’the German’ and thus refers to her descent. As a kid, Tanja already knew whe wanted to become a dancer. Her mother was a professional dancer and since a young age, Tanja took classes in ballet, jazz, rock&roll, etc. In 2005, Tanja first came across Salsa. A year later, she was already teaching around the world. Tanja and Jorge have been a dance couple since 2008. Do you wanna know how they’ve met? Check our interview!

Tanja’s favourite snack are cookies and milk. If she were an animal, she’d be an elephant, because her mom LOVES elephants. She also mentions that elephants have great memory, while she does not.

El Tiguere del Mambo

Rudi Lopez was born August 19th 1978 in the US. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Dominican. El Tiguere grew up with music – as his father was a musician – and his mom took him dancing in the New York night life at a young age. Besides his love for dancing Mambo and Bachata, el Tiguere is also a DJ for Island Touch Dance Company. El Tiguere currently has four dance partners, one of them is his fiancé Julianna.

El Tiguere’s favourtie snack is pizza. He said that if he were an animal, he’d be a tiger (of course!). If he could bring one thing to a deserted island, he’d take is fiancé Juliana.

To get to know el Tiguere a little better, we interviewed him seperately as well. Check out our interview with El Tiguere.

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